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Scope of Services:

  • Supervision of Loading & Discharging
  • Quantity Determination Services (Tally, Draught Survey, Bulk Volumetric Survey and Bunker/Tank Sounding)
  • Quality Determination (Sample Drawing, Sample Preparation & Sample Sealing)
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Tank Cleanliness Inspection for Palm Oil Product
  • Cargo Hold Inspection for Grain Products
  • Investigation Survey for Cargo Losses
  • Warehouse Management
    • Supervision of Receipt Commodity Quantitatively
    • Commodity Handling Supervision
    • Secure Storage and Commodity Release for Better Inventory Visibility
    • Stock Monitoring Asset
    • Stock Verification Asset

Standard/Methodologies of Analysis

  • International Organization for Standarization (ISO)
  • American Society for Testing & Material (ASTM)
  • Grain and Feeds Trade Association (GAFTA)